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Examining the intersection of finance, media and technology the web.
A blog by Tincre

Fundamental end-user product innovations for content creators, businesses, and, more generally, interaction producers, are lacking.

More simply: people who do things online need better ways to monetize those things. Slightly Sharpe examines that process at the intersection of finance, technology, and media.

Writing about the web's last mile

Read more about how we view The Web's Last Mile in our post on the topic.

Our content covers interesting, valuable takes about doing business online, leveraging new ways to work to enhance value, and even broad legal and ethics arguments to consider, along the way.

A unique focus

Our cohesive focus at the intersection that solves The Web's Last Mile provides needed insight to the murky world of business between the bits, the ears, and the money managers.

See how we're solving this in business: Tincre.

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