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Bot listeners and followers 👎

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    Dan Fratoni
A robot hand creeps out of the left side of the image. It is a robot that looks constructed of white plastic with soft edges and has its "fingers" slightly bent. The robot appears to "reach" for something.

We’re presented with shortcuts every day, and music marketing is no stranger to companies offering a quick fix to “juice” the numbers.

Buying likes, followers, and streams -- all available at the click of a button and delivered in full in under 24 hours -- is almost always bot “activity”.

What are bots and should I use them?

Bots are software designed to click and interact with content like streams, articles, and posts. But unfortunately, because these are not real humans, the numbers they generate mean very little and can even mess up your future as an artist.

Three questions we get frequently:

  1. When do bots make sense?

  2. Can bots hurt an artist?

  3. How is different from bots?

A compelling, but poor decision

Generally speaking, bots never make sense. While it’s appealing to garner social proof at the click of a button it ultimately comes at a high cost. Bots undermine your path to success. Fake users produce fake data, which if acted upon, send an artist in the wrong direction. No one wants to chase an audience that does not exist, or waste time and resources doing so.

For example, digital platforms use algorithms to optimize software. Algorithms process data and help make decisions autonomously. Spotify algorithms compose the “Fans also like” section for each artist based on the listening behavior of fans and playlists the artist’s music is featured on. Unless bot traffic mirrors an artist’s target demo, bots are going to throw off the system. Bad data in = bad data out.

Feeling the pain later

Unfortunately, there isn’t an “undo” button. Bought fans, listeners, and likes will almost always leave permanent damage to artists' profiles. results are real ads target real humans who make active decisions to perform an action, such as opening Spotify and listening to an artist’s music. We leverage robots execute ads but not to consume your stuff.

So head over to to market your music in a better way.

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