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Liftoff @ Tincre, October 2022 in Review

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    Philip Muellerscheon
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    Jason R. Stevens, CFA
Colorful balloons float on a peaceful sky backdrop, signifying the rising tide of Tincre and its brands.

In this month's newsletter, we take a closer look at how we got to an average 25% MoM growth in 2022.

🙈 The Secret Sauce

Tincre builds highways for the web’s doers, mainly focusing on consumption-based promotion. We do that in two ways. - Developer Platform

First, our tech is built underneath our developer platform, which allows other companies, developers, and app platforms to offer our cutting edge promo tech.

Client-facing brands

But how do we know what tech to build?

Our solution was to become our own customer! We run and operate fully autonomous digital agency brands that consume our tech. The brands are the "developers" on with their own accounts, api keys, etc.

Each brand, like, operates independently. When new features and operating procedures are tested and proven under one brand, all users get those upgrades, including our brands. On the other hand, when we hit idiosyncratic (brand-specific) roadblocks, we are able to implement changes quickly without affecting the other brands, users, or the company at large.

By operating this way, we are in a perfect position for a snowball effect, which is exactly what’s been happening throughout 2022.

📈 crosses the buck

We’re thrilled to report that September was a zinger and we never looked back. crossed $1.25M in annualized revenue for October ‘22!

Also in October: artists and their teams launched 123 campaigns via, a record to date.

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost: we continue to keep CAC a low $5-7
  2. Repeat Users: 40% of our MAU launch more than one campaign a month
  3. Spend per Campaign: we crossed $800 for the second month in a row
  4. Ads market slowdown: This is fantastic for our brand users, as pricing and placement competition go down, while their businesses, less-cyclical in nature, continue to grow.

As inflation ravages global trade our core time-saving and best-in-breed pricing focus becomes even more valuable for users.

🏦 Fundraising Roadshow

We are looking for the right partner to help us scale. Phil and Jason are zigzagging the country taking meetings with banks, VCs and angel groups.

If there’s someone you think should see our deck, please email

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