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Math, not magic.

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    Philip Muellerscheon
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Tried, true and tested

What is's secret sauce?

We’ve gotten this question a lot. The truth is, there is little. We believe in tried, true, and tested at Tincre, and use quantitative methods that fit within those beliefs. However, does employ a proprietary algorithm, similar to a recipe, to get our clients stellar results.

Digging into artist web consumption

This recipe starts with an examination of the value of social channels for each artist, the industry, and that artist's peers, over time, to compose the initial ad buying recommendations. Deep inside this portion lies mathematical portfolio allocation and asset valuation software which makes data transformations and produces the ad allocation set.

A/B test ads

Once the initial allocations are fixed, we perform A/B testing via regression analysis to determine what demo, creative, and copy produces the optimal ROI per channel at the respective moment in time. This is a hands-on, then hands-off process as we curate the set of tests and let real-time statistics decide the winners.

Check out today to see how easy it is to run cross platform ads for your music, new video, or release.

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