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Record month for

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    Philip Muellerscheon

The latest on our favorite internet firm, Tincre. 😎 clients reached over 6 million fans in May '22

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Last month was one for the record books, thanks to our clients and their outstanding creative work. From TikTok, to YouTube, to festivals, artists promoted it all. - May ‘22 by the numbers

Here's the incredible impact it had on our business.

  • ✅ +79.1% gross volume
  • ✅ +16.2% spend per customer (we crossed $500)
  • ✅ +86.3% campaign activity

Next up - Promo, by

Next month, we are rolling out our first Promo integration, expanding autonomous ads outside of music and thereby exponentially increasing our potential client base.

If you're interested in early access, let us know:

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