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April 2022 Update

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    Philip Muellerscheon

The latest on our favorite internet firm, Tincre. And no, we haven't the slightest bit of shame.

Meet our latest feature - Community

A screenshot of, a place to learn about key product features and interact with the team.

For a while now, we’ve been looking to provide our clients with an upgraded experience for support, FAQ, and how-to documentation.

Our goal was to minimize friction, and, if possible, provide a one-stop shop that is dynamic and scalable across our brands and others’ brands.

The community went live this week and we’d love to get your feedback and support.

Click or press to see it live in action:

To share the news and join in on the conversation, check out our LinkedIn post.

Opportunity for Equity - Promo, by

Our Promo product is ready for prime time and alpha clients are locked in. We're implementing hand in hand with their development teams now.

We want you!

One of our key objectives for the rollout is diversification and we have a lucrative opportunity for YOU.

For a limited time, we are inking advisory shares for successful warm introductions for Promo, no cash investment required.

If you can make a productive intro, please send an email to - April ‘22 by the numbers

Last but not least, keeps growing by double digits month-over-month. Here are the latest numbers for April ‘22.

  • ✅ +29.3% gross volume
  • ✅ +45.4% spend per customer (we're comfortably in Apple territory)

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