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March 2022 Update

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    Philip Muellerscheon

Promo is powering finance

Our Promo engine is proving as effective in the world of finance as it is in music, we have the receipts and results in hand.

Over the past two weeks, a select group of alpha testers across finance plugged Promo into their stack to advertise online with the objective to generate leads (followers, subscribers, etc.) and grow their online presence.

Promo is able to generate high-quality leads at less than $1.00 with CPM of $1.50, outperforming the averages across Twitter, Facebook, and Google by 5X.

A shot of the hero for, a software integration for the most performant ad solution on the web, by Tincre.

In other news, our workhorse clocked another solid month and delivered a record setting Q1 for us. Q1 by the numbers.

  • ✅ +194.4% gross volume
  • ✅ +31.1% new customers
  • ✅ +108.4% spend per customer

Phund is now in public alpha

A shot of the hero for, a new tool to raise capital for yourself, without the equity cost. By Tincre.

Startups looking for a cheap and seamless way to raise money, can use to rock the entire process in just a few minutes.

Best of all, Phund takes zero percent equity and offers a way to promote the raise to leads across the web, utilizing Tincre's top-notch Promo brand.

If you want to see the software in action, sign in via


Do you have a product feature request? Let us know here: product response.

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