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August 2022 Operations and Finance Update

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    Philip Muellerscheon
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    Jason R. Stevens, CFA
A red, home-built water floatation internet-of-things device representing the Tincre tinkerer's method.

We hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. Our team certainly did, laptop in hand 😎

Over the summer, we worked nonstop on major upgrades for our product stack and can finally shout about what’s coming.

🌶️ How we decide features is a key-metric for Tincre’s operations, as we fully dogfood one hundred percent of our product and feature stack.

Features, Features, Features

Here’s what coming down the pipeline in September:

  1. Promo Sync: Automated Tagging, Tracking, Campaign Monitoring via Google & Meta: better data leads to better results. This is HUGE - you'll will hear us talk about this much more in the future
  2. Single-Click Campaigns: existing clients can launch campaigns with one click
  3. Dynamic Ad Previews: showcases what an ad placement will look like, cross-platform and with different user copy and other inputs
  4. Ad Copy Customization: helps pro clients add to our AI-enhanced copy

📚️ Read up on specifics for clients on the blog.

Financial update

You’ve probably heard and noticed that ad spends are getting crushed across the digital advertising industry. That said, we’ve been growing into this market and to say the least, it’s nice to be small, but mighty, in our industry’s current environment.

Performance reporting

While we provide insight to the firm’s performance every month, we also aim to show how things are looking on a longer-term basis, to demonstrate insight to our operational objectives and performance. For example, last month we detailed YoY numbers; this month we’ll overview how we’re performing on a 6 month basis, as it marks an important milestone operationally. Next month will close out Q3, so we’ll do a Q3 2022 vs Q2 2022 report, and return back to reporting monthlies through the end of the year.

6-month review

  • ✅ +79.3% Revenue growth
  • ✅ +112.7% Spend per campaign
  • ✅ -6.5% Campaigns run

Starting in February last year we tasked ourselves to expand our Pro and Enterprise offerings with our institutional marketers. As you can see, we were able to double financial performance per-campaign by doing so.

Operational update

As outlined above, we’re on a relentless release schedule for the next several months, while our financial performance continues to expand. We are birthing up to five additional brands (like and have some major enterprise client integrations jumping out of the gate.

On that, our developer platform is in full swing and is the “magic” behind our brands. We have the brand generation process down to just a few hours, producing enterprise properties even better than the current We’ll continue to develop onto this platform, perfecting our customer experience, prior and up to doing a pricing round to expand our Promo vision for the web via developers.

🤯 Read more on how we dogfood our own stuff here.

About that pricing round...

If you know what this phrase means head over to our investor site or send that along to a friend or two you think would be interested in the firm.

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