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July 2022 Firm Performance

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    Philip Muellerscheon
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    Jason R. Stevens, CFA

The latest on our firm, Tincre, solving the web's last mile. As you read this, we hope you might be enjoying this update in the sun with a cold drink in your hand. 😎

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Developer + Enterprise Focus

With our Promo developer integration out the door, we announced our enterprise offering for last month to select clients.

For our next update, we're absolutely amped to share more on what's happening behind-the-scenes on the integration front.

Tune-in here:

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June ‘22 was an absolute home run for, which is why we are not surprised that MoM numbers tracked slightly down.

Even so, July ‘22 marks's second best performing month to date, continuing gross revenue growth at an average 27% per-month in 2022!

July '22 vs. July 21

  • ✅ +972% gross volume
  • ✅ +186% average spend per campaign (above $500)
  • ✅ +272% campaign activity

promo-button - Making Ads Easy Again

In July we released a React component so developers can add the ads button you know and love from to any site or web app.

We're building and iterating on the promo-button as open source software, so anyone can contribute. Follow along in our Github/promo-button.

👇️ A screenshot of the promo-button. 👇️

A screenshot of the promo-button React library from Available on npm and a single yarn install away!


Library setup is super quick and fast. It includes image and video upload via Cloudinary, customizable settings, styling, and buttons. In addition to the frontend "button", we provide snippets for a backend to the Promo API.

Developers can grab an account and create an app over in the dev dashboard via

A simple and easy four-line setup seamlessly allows developers to add an entire ad agency to their sites, apps, and web properties.

Follow along in the Community

If you like the development kind-of-thing, you can keep up-to-date on new releases and features within the community.

We're adding more and more as we move along. Stay tuned! And if you're feeling extra ❤️ give us a follow on Twitter.

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