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Celebrating the Women Who Shape Tincre - A Tribute for International Women's Day

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    Jason R. Stevens, CFA

As Tincre continues to evolve and celebrate our upcoming fifth anniversary, it's the perfect moment to delve into our journey, our future, and most importantly, to shine a spotlight on the exceptional team members who've been instrumental in the firm’s growth. This narrative is not just about where we are heading but a profound appreciation for the remarkable individuals behind the scenes—highlighting their stories, motivations, and the extraordinary efforts they contribute to conjure the magic that powers Tincre.

Ideas, Validation and the Pivot

From the inception of Tincre, our co-founders embarked on a meticulous nine-month journey of exploration and validation. They recognized an untapped opportunity to revolutionize digital advertising campaigns with the same strategies that successful hedge funds apply to managing investment portfolios. This foundational period set the stage for the launch of Musicfox in April 2019, an ambitious venture aimed at transforming musical artists' careers through strategic investments and cutting-edge advertising technology.

However, the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic prompted a swift and strategic pivot, leading to the birth of This initiative, from its inception to launch in just two months, laid down the framework for what would eventually evolve into the Tincre you recognize today—a far cry from its original incarnation and a testament to our team's resilience and adaptability.

The Tincre Climb

Tincre's journey is underscored by the contributions of an incredibly talented and diverse team, notably comprising over half of women.

In the early days, we had the privilege of collaborating with graduate students from the prestigious University of Chicago Financial Mathematics program, gaining fresh perspectives and innovative solutions through their participation in student project labs. Among these brilliant minds, two employees stood out: Ella, now a quantitative analyst at CBOE, and Shihui, a senior quantitative analyst at Fifth Third Bank. Their technical prowess and insights were transformative for our firm.

Growing the team

Fast forward to the present, and Tincre thrives under the guidance of a dynamic team—a true testament to the skills, dedication, and passion of the women who play pivotal roles in our operations. Through a series of engaging questions, we've delved into their stories, uncovering the motivations and aspirations that drive them to excel and push the boundaries of what's possible for Tincre and its subsidiaries.


Lina started with the firm in November of 2023 and is one of the fastest learners we’ve ever worked with. She handles most of the ad operations such as campaign pricing updates, human content moderation (after AI) and ongoing monitoring.

Lina embodies the values of responsibility, commitment, and honesty, virtues instilled in her from a young age by her family. These principles have not only shaped her into the person she is today but also significantly influence her approach to overcoming work-related challenges. Her philosophy, deeply rooted in facing situations with open eyes and a positive attitude, underscores the resilience and wisdom she brings to our workplace. Lina's ability to embrace challenges as opportunities for learning, combined with her inclination to independently resolve issues while also valuing the support of her colleagues, exemplifies the spirit of continuous improvement and teamwork that Tincre celebrates.

Outside of work, Lina's passion for music and meditation provides her with a unique balance, enriching her life and, by extension, her contributions to our firm. This balance enables her to bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to her role every day. Her explorative nature in personal interests translates into a propositional and curious approach at work, making her an invaluable asset to Tincre. Lina's story is a testament to how personal values, combined with passions outside of work, can contribute to an individual's professional success and the collective success of a company. Her journey and achievements serve as an inspiration, not just to women at Tincre but to everyone striving to blend personal growth with professional excellence.


Camila, one of Tincre's dynamic new hires from Bogotá, brings a fresh wave of energy and determination to the firm, particularly in expanding the sales pipeline and materials for the newly launched

Raised with a deep-seated belief in honesty, responsibility, and integrity, values imparted by her mother and role model, Camila applies these principles diligently in her professional endeavors. Her commitment to these values is evident in her approach to her work, where she navigates the complexities of sales and client relations with a clear ethical compass, setting a high standard for integrity and accountability within the team.

Beyond her professional commitments, Camila's passion for connecting with nature and her childhood hobby of painting reveal a person who finds balance and inspiration outside the confines of the digital world. Her outdoor adventures and artistic pursuits not only serve as a means of personal rejuvenation but also foster a creative mindset that she brings back to her role at Tincre. Camila's perspective on challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning, combined with her openness to seeking help when needed, underscores a proactive and resilient approach.

It is this blend of personal values, passion for nature, and a positive outlook on overcoming professional hurdles that make Camila a valued and inspiring member of the Tincre team, exemplifying the spirit of continuous growth and teamwork the firm celebrates.


Valentina stands out at Tincre not just for her adept handling of the firm's social media presence but also for embodying the values of honesty, respect, and solidarity, principles ingrained in her since childhood. These values are not mere words to her; they are the lens through which she views her responsibilities and interactions at work. Her dedication to transparency and authenticity greatly enhances her role in managing Tincre's digital communication, ensuring that our core values are reflected in every blog post and social media update.

Valentina's approach to challenges at work, emphasizing open communication and collaboration, speaks volumes of her commitment to fostering a positive and resilient team environment.

Beyond her professional excellence, Valentina's passion for cinema enriches her perspective, making her a deeply empathetic and insightful member of our team. This hobby not only serves as a source of personal joy but also sharpens her understanding of diverse cultures and human emotions, qualities that are invaluable in crafting engaging and relatable content for our audience.

Her ability to draw parallels between the art of cinema and the art of communication is a unique asset to Tincre, illustrating how personal passions can amplify professional skills and contribute to a richer, more vibrant workplace culture.

Shining a Light on Tincre's Trailblazing Women: A Summary

In an empowering feature for International Women's Day, Tincre unveils the extraordinary journeys of the women at its core, each narrative a testament to resilience, innovation, and the transformative power of embracing personal values in the professional realm. As Tincre gears up to celebrate its fifth anniversary, this tribute not only reflects on the company's evolution—from its ambitious start with Musicfox in 2019 through the strategic pivot to during the pandemic—but also casts a spotlight on the pivotal contributions of its diverse team, notably powered by dynamic women. The stories of Lina, Camila, and Valentina, each remarkable for their unique blend of passion, integrity, and creativity, underscore the essence of Tincre's success: a workplace where personal growth and professional excellence converge, propelled by the spirit of continuous learning and teamwork.

Diving deeper, the article presents an intimate look at how these women, with backgrounds as varied as quantitative analysis and social media management, contribute to shaping Tincre's trajectory. Lina's story of resilience and commitment, Camila's infusion of honesty and integrity into her sales strategies, and Valentina's authentic engagement through digital communication, illustrate not just the strength of Tincre's team but the company's foundational belief in the power of diversity and personal values. This engaging narrative invites readers to explore more about, drawing them into a world where innovation is intertwined with personal integrity and where every challenge is viewed as an opportunity for growth.

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