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Embarking on a Content Creation Adventure

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    Jason R. Stevens, CFA

Here we go! Tincre is diving headfirst into an exciting project, crafting a super-smart application that's all about churning out fun, engaging, and super-readable content for a whole bunch of themed news and content sites.

Think of it as planting a garden where the blooms are all sorts of articles, and these flowers are perfect spots for our clients' ads to bask in the sunlight. We're talking about using the wizardry of Large Language Models (LLMs) to whip up news stories into brand-tailored tales, whether you're in the mood for something serious, something with a wink, or even downright chuckle-worthy.

It's like Tincre is now a chef in a content kitchen, cooking up a storm to serve a feast of fresh, automated, and always relevant articles with minimal need for us to keep stirring the pot.

A Win-Win Recipe

Our game plan is to hit two birds with one stone: give our clients some top-notch advertising space and produce cost-effective, engaging and relevant content for SEO.

Soon we'll be blending ads right into content that fits like a glove, boosting brand visibility and making sure readers find stuff that lights up their brains.

It's all about tapping into what people love, with a dash of Tincre's tech magic to make sure everything sounds just right, reflecting each brand's unique tone. And voila, we serve up an effective yet cost-friendly dish that keeps everyone coming back for seconds.

Here's what the early version looks like, in real life, with

The Master Plan Unveiled

Let's peel back the curtain on how we're doing all this. Picture a clever script that scoops up major news articles based on our cherry-picked keywords.

These articles then take a trip through a large language model, coming out the other side dressed in one of three stylish outfits: serious, fun, or satirical.

Next, they find a cozy spot in our CMS, automatically ready to shine on our sites that get rebuilt regularly, keeping things as lively as a party that never ends.

For a soon-to-exist example, take ChewingDirt on, where rock and metal enthusiasts get their fix with articles that have just the right amount of edge and excitement.

This is how we make sure every site hits the right note with its audience, keeping the vibe authentic and engaging.

Wrapping It Up with a Bow

In essence, the plan is all about blending our software wizardry and a keen eye for content, creating a self-fueling universe of engaging content websites.

These aren't just any sites; they're a carefully curated collection that keeps readers hooked with never-ending, captivating content, perfectly paired with our clients' ads.

By keeping our tech gears greased and making the most of LLMs' versatility, we're on track to keep the content flowing non-stop. This network of go-to sites for readers is our pledge to stay innovative, efficient, and to keep the harmony between great content and smart advertising.

And the best part? Our agency partners are soon to have the option to get one of these content sites, too.

Stay classy 😎

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