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February 2022 Update

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    Philip Muellerscheon
    linkedin@philipmuellerschoen hits biggest month yet

We were bullish in our ‘22 predictions in January but the numbers prove us right. Our formula is working. Feb ‘22 by the numbers:

  • ✅ +99.30% gross volume
  • ✅ +109.7% new customers
  • ✅ +100% pro plan subscriptions

Why the explosive growth? We added TikTok as an advertising platform in January. Case closed.

Well, not so fast. In fact, what's really happening is that we are seeing our three-pronged expansion approach for 2022 pay dividends.

“What's this expansion thing you talk about?”

As you know, we ♥ turning processes into value here at Tincre. So let’s dive in and take a high-level look at the three-pronged approach we’re taking to expand the business.

  1. Deliver results, create, and communicate value. Artists and their teams are able to promote pretty much any destination online effectively at the press of a button. In addition to simplifying and automating the process, delivers industry-leading results. But don’t take our word for it, you can check out the latest case studies and read testimonials from actual users right here.

  2. Double down to offer more of our service offering. We introduced our Pro Plan in January to deliver an enhanced experience for teams that are looking for regular check-ins, customized reporting, and budget recommendations based on our allocation and ad process algorithms.

  3. Turn clients into partners. The engine behind is now available as plug and play whitelabel and API solutions via Promo, by Anyone wanting to benefit from a top of the line ad business as part of their company, app, or website, will soon be able to add an agency with just a few lines of code.

We’re working with some tech trailblazers in music to iterate through our alpha development phase. Stay tuned for more from me on that. And if you’re interested in adding your very own in your app, site, or at checkout, let’s chat!

Unique partnerships are our focus for the coming months. If you have anyone that fits the bill, I’d love an introduction.

Meet our latest brand: Phund

A shot of the hero for, a new tool to raise capital for yourself, without the equity cost. By Tincre.

As one of our frequent visitors to you might have already noticed a brand called Phund. What is to online ads, is to raising capital for startups.

We were looking for a cheap and automated way to raise capital for Tincre to expand our kick-ass brands. None existed so we built one.

Phund is open source and will soon allow non-developers to push-button-get-raise-platform without giving up their equity. Of course, for us this is another revenue generating brand. And if you put two and two together – our core ads business model – you might imagine some consumed dogfood in our future.

To watch the early software in action head over to our investor portal.

While the train has left the station on our bridge round, if you know anyone that is interested in following our journey, please share this link:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us an email.

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