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Introducing Tincre

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    Jason R. Stevens, CFA
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As much as 2021 has been a story of trial and error, stumbling while not falling, we ended chapter 2021 with an operational blueprint (that is well in operation already) of how to turn big ideas into hyper-focused, complimentary businesses.

Year in review

Here’s our year in review and a bold glimpse of what’s yet to come.

In May 2021, we released, the very first autonomous ad experience that enables users to launch a supercharged cross-platform campaign in under 1 minute. landing site in a vertical position with the logo in the upper left, the Real Easy Ads button in the right, and the 'A better way to market music' slogan below, in the hero.

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In September 2021 we released our business-to-developer platform Bit Modulus, where developers can harness the power of our tools, APIs, and integrations to elevate their digital products and businesses. It's in early alpha and we're using APIs and integrations internally to continue feature development and in building additional product brand software solutions.

The big takeaway for 2021 is that we discovered that how we build is the secret sauce.

How we build

We’ve internalized productization of our core technology stack, focused on automating processes to solve the web's last mile.

Every core process technology must be able to be packaged into a standalone product (i.e. IP) usable by third parties. As such, we automatically become our first and most ruthless customer of new software, new features, and deliver quality, cost efficient products, as a result.

Today: Musicfox grows into Tincre

As the mission expanded so must our business. As a result, we are now operating under the Tincre brand.

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Tincre’s mission is to solve the web's last mile. Read more about all that in our other articles, The Web's Last Mile and Adaptation and Retrofitting. And be sure to check out

Looking at 2022

With our eyes on next year we plan to foster and expand our business-to-developer solutions, such as Bit Modulus, and add additional business-to-business product brands, such as

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