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March 2023 In Review

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    Philip Muellerscheon
An old-school mechanical keyset with the numbers 70, 50, 30, and 10 from right to left. The keys are round and worn.

March 2023 was a great month for Tincre. The company that brought you "ads at the press of a button" is now introducing “ad agency at the press of a button."

With our white-label integrations rolling out we are expecting our sales and profitability to expand substantially throughout the proceeding year.

Month-Over-Month Business Growth

  • ✅ Gross Revenue: +51.5%
  • ✅ Spend Per Customer: +19.1%
  • ✅ Campaign Volume: +38.0%

Major Software Upgrades

We are also thrilled to announce some major software upgrades launching across our stack soon, which will provide even more value to our customers and white-label integration partners.

If you follow our brand you might have already seen a preview. For more details, check out the full blog post on the blog.

We Want Your Help

If you know a business whose clients advertise or an app/site that could benefit from offering their users an advertising solution, please send them this signup link.

Stay classy 😎

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