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Kicking Off 2023 in Style

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    Philip Muellerscheon
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We have turned on the afterburners. 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ is our year.

Right Place Right Time

With advertising purses tightening as the global economy contracts, businesses are looking to spend more effectively.

Large minimum spends, expensive personnel, and complicated processes are out. Smart software enabling businesses to launch cross-platform ad campaigns for any budget at the press of a button is in.

We have hit pay dirt and the proof is in the pudding…eh, rather, numbers.

Year-Over-Year Business Growth

  • ✅ Gross Revenue: +174.8%
  • ✅ Spend Per Customer: +205.9%
  • ✅ Campaign Volume: +12.0%

And as a reminder, the only publicly released product to date is our entertainment brand That is going to change soon however, as we introduce our white-label integration partners and expand beyond entertainment with additional product brands.

Expansion Plan

Companies looking to generate revenue from online ads can offer their clients our solution as white-label software.

The very first integration alpha is live now. Visit to check out platform with demo-data.


If you know a business that could be a good fit to integrate our adtech software solution, please send them THIS LINK.

Stay classy 😎

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