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Tincre Referrals Are Here

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    Jason R. Stevens, CFA
A client happily shoveling his referral money into a canvas bag with spelled in purple on the side.

Finally, it’s here. The referral program. Send your link to your friend, they run ads, you get paid.

The referral program

One of our most requested features has been the ability to earn a referral. After all, the marketing and ads businesses are close-knit, so this makes sense.

But because what you know and love with ads is a system, we needed to do it right and it took some time.

Drumroll please as we introduce the referral program!

Here’s how it works

  1. Log into your dashboard and click “Referrals”
The header of the dashboard showing the referrals button to click
  1. Copy that link or right click/long-press that QR code to download and share it (social buttons are coming ASAP) 3. When someone logs in and pays for campaigns, your referral bucket grows. 4. Every time you have $50 in a bucket, you can cash out!

Let’s explore an example

Let’s take a guy named Jonathan and let's say he works somewhere and knows a bunch of awesome people.

He logs into his account and heads over to Jonathan then posts that referral code on his LinkedIn in a post: has the easiest ads on the web. Press the button and you’re done. Plus if you sign up through your account with my link, I get paid for a year!

Now fifteen of Jonathan’s friends see that and sign up for their account, spending about $2000 on ads each. And no, that’s not a large number. People spend hundreds of billions of dollars on ads each year.

Did you know that digital advertising is one of the largest industries on earth? As in, bigger than the financial industry!

Now back to our example. Jonathan is going to get paid 4% on that total spend for the year through his referral.

That’s $1,200 bucks! For a single LinkedIn post!

Breaking down the math

  • $30k spend = 15 x 2000
  • $1,200 in Jonathan’s pocket = 30k * 4 percent

Not too shabby, eh?

And considering that ads software is behind things like Grammy wins, top-100 pop tracks, festivals with hundreds of thousands of tickets sold, movie launches, t-shirt sales and even employment ads for restaurants, your friends can seriously rock any campaign for any purpose.

What are you waiting for?

Running ads takes less than a minute. handles all of the heavy lifting and provides easy-to-access human customer support.

Try out your new referral setup today and get your network in on the easiest ads on the web.

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