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June 2022 Update

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    Philip Muellerscheon
A man from the back, lonely, walking through the miraculous business landscape in which the internet firm, Tincre, operates.
Finding peace in operational success.

When we started working on an autonomous AdTech solution last year, a lot of folks rolled their eyes, thinking that the $500B industry must surely be saturated with great solutions covering all bases. Surely, Alphabet, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, TikTok (Bytedance), and a few other online technology conglomerates have mastered their space.

Not even close.

Why are we so bullish on things? Our financial performance proves us right.

Our entertainment brand hit another milestone last month.

Here are the numbers for June ‘22 compared to May ‘22 (and don’t forget what a burner May was!):

  • +37.0% gross volume 📈
  • +5.7% spend per campaign (closing in on $600 per campaign) 🏔
  • +55.2% campaign start activity 🤯

And since I know you aren’t keeping a tally, I’ll do your homework for you: that’s an average 33% per month growth in gross volume/revenue.

A fun poll

With much of the engine out of testing we have the ability to launch brands in other industries instantly.

As someone that has been following our journey for a little or a while, we want to hear from YOU.

Uncle sam points at you!

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